What I Ate in London + Where to eat!

What I ate in London

Want to know what I ate in London or where to eat in London? Here’s the scoop on our 4 days of British eats!

What We Ate in London

Day one: We couldn’t check into our hotel for an hour after we got there, so we asked for hotel recommendations and scooted off to an amazing Italian restaurant called Caravaggio’s.

It was amazing.

What I ate in London
What I ate in London: PIZZA

I got a tomato basil pizza, my husband ordered a sausage pasta.

What I ate in London
What I ate in London: Olives and Americano coffee

The waiter also brought delicious olives in oil (which I had never eaten before) as a free appetizer and two Americano’s with traditional “dessert” cream on the side. This was one of my favorite meals and it was only 7 (pounds) a person!

Day Two: Tower of London

Breakfast: Day two we had coffee and chocolate muffins (from the Tower of London) for breakfast. Exciting, right?

What I ate in London
What I ate in London: Tomato, Mozzarella, Basil sandwich + SCONES!

Lunch: For lunch, we ate at the Tower of London. We usually don’t like eating at museum type places, but this was actually a great lunch! Husband had fish and chips and I got tomato, mozzarella, and basil on ciabatta bread and we split a scone with clotted cream. IT WAS SO GOOD!

What I ate in London
What I ate in London: NACHOS at the Pilgrim Pub

Dinner: For dinner, we found our way to a local pub called the Pilgrim.

What I ate in London
What I ate in London: British pies, peas, and mash.

It was ladies night so I ended up with two glasses of champagne for the price of one! We decided to go basic and get a nacho app and then went traditional British and get pies. (Meat for my husband, and sweet potato + goat cheese for me. The meal also came with mash, gravy, and peas (which went ignored on my plate. Ick!)

The meal was amazing and we headed back to our hotel chatty and satisfied.

Day Three: Hampton Court

Breakfast: For breakfast, my husband and I went to a vegetarian restaurant called No. 67, which was right down the street from our hotel. Unfortunately, it was closed! It didn’t open until 10 am and we simply didn’t have the time. We were fortunate enough to be spotted by one of the staffers who was opening up a coffee kiosk outside. “We’re closed,” she said. “But do you want some coffee?”

What? Um. Yes!

She gave us both delicious Americano’s and pastries and let us sit outside on the picnic table while we waited for our bus.

What I ate in London
What I ate in London: Mada Deli! Now that’s one Amazing Mocha!

Lunch: We ate a “brunch” style lunch as soon as we got to the town around Hampton Court palace. The restaurant was called Mada. We both got Panini’s (his was bacon and chicken, mine was avocado, tomato, and mozzarella) and a salad. I also got a mocha which was. Uh-AMAZING.

Dinner: Dinner this night was at a Mexican restaurant, one of my favorite foods. Unfortunately, everything was burning hot and I did not like the food or the service. They tried to charge me for a meal I didn’t eat. This was corrected 😉 Excellent margaritas, though!

Day Four: Cotswolds, Stonehenge, and the City of Bath!

Breakfast: For breakfast, we both grabbed a muffin and a coffee from Starbucks before our train took off. We didn’t really have time to grab a real English breakfast! We also grabbed a famous ‘bath bun’ while in Bath. The guides raved about them, but it turns out the tasted just like fruitcake. Boo!

What I ate in London
What I ate in London: Spinach pie and veg at The Rising Sun pub

Lunch: For lunch, we went to a pub in Lacock in the Cotswolds. The pubs were soooo busy that they were actually turning people away, but luckily we found a table at The Rising Sun. I opted for a traditional British meal once more and got a spinach pie. It came with squash, cauliflower, carrots, and full potatoes in gravy. (Salt well, westerners, because the British sure don’t!) My husband got fish and chips.

We also had rose and their local cider for lunch and they were both super tasty.

What I ate in London
What I ate in London: Nachos at the Stanhope Arms!

Dinner: Our tour bus dropped us off right in front of an old Pub called the Stanhope Arms, so we (along with one of the guides) went in to grab a drink and some pub grub. I got nachos (which look awful but were delicious!) and my husband got a burger served on toast with gravy for dipping. Yum!

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