The Scratchy Towel Band 


Its actually a funny story. I used to make music when I was younger but I wasn’t very good. Then I was sold purple headphones by a strange lady and suddenly I was good at it! I originally made music for an old lover of mine. I met the other band members throughout  various adventures, finding their music talents and asking them to join me in my quest to bring a new era of sub genre.

I first met Static when I was sold the headphones, he was the ladies assistant. I met Dusty when I was setting up a booth one day, she was sweeping the stage since she was a struggling janitor at the time. I only met Soda a few years ago,  I found her out through the news that they were building a half human half robot girl through surgery, I found her and found out she wanted to be a rockstar I asked her to also join. I then met my roadie, Hedd, who by the way is engaged and to be married to Dusty,


All of the instrumentals that I (Scratchy) play were actually built by our Roadie, Hedd Stone. He has a knack for building things. He himself plays an accordion, which he also made himself.  All of the other instruments heard in any of the songs besides reed ones, are all done digitally through a synth.


I first decided to make music a few couple years ago when my lover at the time was making a cartoon series. I asked to make the music for it since I’m self taught on the piano. After downloading the right program I realized how good I was and decided to keep going.


One time I was setting up at a rave and I was asked to play a song I recently made, so I clicked on my most recent (Which at the time was my song called Dingle Fist) and instead of that playing, Holloback girl started to black from the speakers. I panicked and didn’t know what to do so I just rolled with it, standing on that stage for the whole song. then when it finished I simply said into the mic “I’m sorry” and left. Hedd and Static had to come back there the next day to get my equipment I was so embarrassed!


We all write our own music unless we’re doing a cover. Our songs usually tackle very taboo subjects or huge conflicts. For example, the song “Samara You’re Not Real” is about being in love with a cartoon character, “Tony and his Sister” is based on a boy names Tony’s broken home and having a baby out of incest with his sister. Each album is all about basically the same thing. The creative process usually goes like this. I make up a tune, I think of a real life story and turn it into lyrics. The longest a song has taken to make is about a week when me and Soda were making a song called “Annabelle” which is about a prostitute who’s actually very very smart. We are currently in the middle of making a song now called “Felicity’s Smile” which is about a child named Felicity being  legally kidnapped by CPS


Yes its very important to us all. The more people listening the better chance that our songs messages will come out.

For more information and to hear some awesome music, check out the Scratchy Towel Band Facebook page, Soundcloud, Twitter, and Bandcamp.


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