Female indie artists: Madelyn Victoria

Madelyn Victoria

Female indie artists: Madelyn Victoria

Guitar Justice magazine virtually sits down with country girl Madelyn Victoria on life as an indie musician


My first band was back in high school. I was entering a talent contest within the FFA organization and I wanted to enter with a whole band. We all clicked so well so we continued for a while and I worked extremely hard getting us local shows- one of my favorite gigs we got back then was a little carnival tour around our region. Since then my band members have evolved, and I have had an awesome time playing with every single one of ‘em.


My brother plays the acoustic guitar for me (I stick to playing my guitar for only songwriting) I also have bass, drums, and an electric guitar in my band… Every now and then we get the pleasure of having some Steel or Fiddle… can’t wait to have set band members who play those awesome instruments.


I have been singing since I was about 5 years old… it just came natural to me. I also grew up listening to my family singing and playing… my Uncles and cousins are so talented, so that definitely set a spark to my love for music. I started songwriting on my own when I was 13 years old, and took my first guitar lessons when I was 15. Since then it’s been all I’ve ever wanted to do.


I’ve performed at many different places around Texas and also some places around the US. The coolest venue so far has to be at Planet Hollywood in Las Vegas. In 2012 I won the Caesar’s Palace Shania Twain Sing Off Contest and it was a part of my prize to perform on the Las Vegas strip… though my favorite kind of venue/show to perform at are concerts. I have shared the stage with many big Country acts and it’s become something I am really getting comfortable with. It’s the biggest rush ever and is definitely preparing me for my own big concerts one day.

Female indie artists: Madelyn VictoriaIS YOUR LOVE OF MUSIC EATING UP YOUR FUNNY MONEY?
Thanks to the financial support of my family so far, along with a couple of sponsors and investors, I am right where I need to be. I am constantly looking for more because as I progress, so do the funds. I have no doubt and all the faith in the world that everything will come together at the right time.


I went to college for about a semester. I had a full ride scholarship but my passion is what I am doing now, and I thank my family and friends for all their support.


I write the majority of my own songs.. My brother also co-writes with me and I recently started writing with other songwriters up in Nashville which is so darn cool. I listen to a lot of classic country so that when I write, you can hear that bit of influence with it along with something new that I come up with. Sometimes my brother and I will just be relaxing in our living room with our guitars in hand just jamming when a big idea comes to mind and we go off writing something pretty awesome. I can pretty much be anywhere when an idea for a song, lyrics, or a melody pops in my head and I write it down on my phone or notebooks I carry in my purse (laughs) Sometimes it can take me years to finish a song or just 10 minutes.. The process is unpredictable and that’s what I love about songwriting.


I definitely think that it helps so much when you write your own stuff. I believe it gives us our own style and our own branding that people will recognize. It also teaches us how to be the one in charge of our own careers in a sense, developing our creativity and confidence in ourselves as true musicians/artists. I know that when you first start a band, especially as a songwriter, we want to share our music with everyone and at every show, gig, etc… But it’s tough because majority of people just want to hear what they know… so depending on the venue I think it’s okay to throw in a few covers- mixing it up with your own songs.


Fame comes along with a successful music career, and I definitely want a successful music career… so I guess you can say it is important to me. The more I can get my music out to the world the better. Fame may have a negative connotation to it, but I take it as getting to meet new people, sharing my love for music, and being able to be a role model or inspiration to someone who is also pursuing their own dream.

For even more on Madelyn Victoria, go check out here Reverbnation here!


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