Local indie bands - Bring Me the Author


We started out as a tribute band to Coheed and Cambria. We learned about 20 songs together to perform live and we just enjoyed playing music together.

Jordan had some songs he had been sitting on, he pitched them to us, we loved them and we decided it be fun to continue as a band writing originals. As a band we have been together for about 2.5 years. But others have known each other for many more than that.


Progressive Melodic Hard-core.


Jordan is currently using a PRS SE – It’s a newer one, 2012 I believe, it has the slight carve on the top. He is using his stock PRS pickup in the bridge and a Dimarzio Tonezone in the neck.

Jamie is using a 1980 Gibson Les Paul Custom (silverburst) with 80’s T-top pickups (Bridge is uncovered and neck is covered). I (Jamie) Starting playing when I was around 14, my mother had a guitar kicking around and I always thought it would be fun. I just sort of learned to play myself, while life passed, I never gave it to much thought and played for fun.

After a while I stagnated as a player and then I took lessons for about a year, which really helped. It gave me a different perspective on playing – the lesson I learned, was that there is no such thing as a wrong note.


We just finished playing the Burlington Sound of Music, which was a lot of fun. Everyone in the band grew up in the city, so to be able to play the largest festival it has was a crazy humbling honor.

We also just played in the City of Guelph which has for us, really become our home away from home, we can’t say enough nice things about the people there. The support and love is beyond anything we ever expected. People where climbing the rail to grab Craig’s mic to sing the end of a new song we recently released called “The First Time Always Hurts.”


Our essential process is – Jordan will come up with an idea for a song and show everyone, we decide as a band to move forward with it or not. Once we decide on something we like, we jam it out, or we record it and listen to the scratch track. Then Chris adds his drums. From that point bass/lead/vocals are written.

We all just kind of go nuts once the drums are down, that’s when the songs really take shape. Chris is an important part, he is a very groovy drummer and he gives us a great feel that we all like to feed off of.


To me it doesn’t matter what you do, make the music you want to make that makes you happy. This band, for me, is the most selfish thing I do. I love it. I love our music. It’s what I want to listen too. If you want to play covers and that makes you happy, then awesome. But first and foremost, make music for you, do what you love.


No, I make music because I love playing the guitar. I get to do it every day already, and no one can take that away from me. If we for some reason are given the chance to play for people every day, that would be an amazing thing. I would be one of the luckiest people. But being famous or not does not impact my ability to do what I love, which for me, is playing my Guitar.

For even more musical madness, go check out the official Bring Me the Author Facebook and Band Camp pages!


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